About This Blog

Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Amber, a late-20-something who still loves reading Young Adult novels. This is my new home where I’ll talk about books, authors and do some reviews. I suppose people might think it’s weird that a grown adult really enjoys reading about kids in high school, but those kinds of books always rang the most true to me.

I grew up on a steady diet of books that were probably too old for me. I liked the forbidden quality, the humor I didn’t fully understand, the situations I’d never experienced yet. Judy Blume taught me about periods. Louise Rennison taught me about snogging. Sarah Dessen taught me about everything else in between. All these authors provided me with a needed education. I learned about the world, and subsequently escaped from it, through the YA genre.

There’s something to be said for staying young at heart. For remembering what it was like to feel that turbulent rush of dizziness when the guy (or girl) you’ve been drooling over for years finally looks your way. To remember how it feels to be left wondering how to pick up the pieces of your life when depression sets in. To remember what it’s like to dream of running away and never looking back. To laugh and kiss and dance and make mistakes and know that being a teenager doesn’t last forever. But the words on all these pages, they do. The experiences live on and I love still getting to be a part of that.

So this is where I’ll write about things like this. If you’re into it, cool. Stay a while. Welcome.


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